September 12th-16th, 2022
Organizing and Scientific Committee


There are multiple forms of inequality and discrimination in Academia. But, how are these experiences of difference addressed in terms of scientific knowledge production? Are we thinking in terms of inter-disciplinary understanding and action? What are we doing in our respective disciplines? How is this affecting the science we produce? 

The main aim of this Conference is not only to bridge the gap between what has been thought of as separate and decoupled fields of knowledge (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- and Social Sciences), but also to think about gender differences in Science(s) from an intersectional perspective.

March 2021
Invited to the « Meet up – Women in BigData Science » 
25th March 6pm UTC+1

« In several countries such as the United States, Great Britain, or Australia, the month of March celebrates the history of women, to highlight the women of the past and today, in continuity with the day of March 8. It seemed essential to us to join this celebration, and so we invite you to this roundtable where we will address the subject of women in Data and AI, but not only! Our guests are experts in their fields, and we will have the honor to exchange with them. »

December 2020


November 2020



WISE Women In Science – Ecology Virtual Conference November 4th-6th 2020


November 2019
The Big Day 2019 – Class sponsor


Invited speaker at Pint Of Science 2019
« Les Big Data : les données nous parlent »

Scientific sponsor/advisor of the hackathon on « climate changes »

« Le seul insecte connu en Antartique nous livre ses secrets »

Sciences et Avenir – Octobre 2017.