Since 2013, I teach in bachelor and master programs at the Faculty of Sciences of the Montpellier University. From 2015 to 2021, I was responsible for the Specialty Bioinformatics, Knowledge, Data of the Master of Sciences and Digital Technology for healthcare (BCD).


Motivated by educational innovation, since 2019, I head the Bioinformatics Learning Laboratory (BILL) with Anne-Sophie Gosselin-Grenet, Jean-Christophe Avarre and Mélanie Debias-Thibaud. And since 2021, I am part of the team of Quantitative Biology (Qbio) Master and the APP-Bio licence program from Montpellier University.

I was also in charge of several computer sciences and genomics classes :

  • M2 Bioinformatics / Eco-Epi / IMHE
    • [HAU901I] BioAnalysis, transcriptomics – Head: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier. Keywords: Sequencing (NGS), Genomics, Transcriptomics, Single cell.
  • M2 Quantitative Biology
    • [HAV901V] Bioinformatics and Machine Learning – Heads: Ovidiu Radulescu, Alain Chavanieu and Stefano Trapani. Keywords: Bioinformatics, Machine learning, Genomics, Transciptomics, Proteomics, Statistics.
  • M1 Bioinformatics / Eco-Epi / IMHE
    • [HAU703I] Data analysis and bioinformatics introduction – Heads: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier, Nicolas Nègre. Keywords: Omics, Genomics, Evolution, Statistics, , Mapping, Orthomam, bash, R.
    • [HAU802I] Bioinformatics, Learning, Labs – Heads: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier,  Anne-Sophie Gosselin-Grenet and Jean-Christophe Avarre.
  • M1 Quantitative Biology
    • [HAV704V] BootCamp – Heads: Luca Ciandrini, Cherine Bechara. Keywords: Phyisics, System Biology, Programming,
  • M1 Computer sciences
    • [HAI724I] System – Heads: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier, Pierre Pompidor. Keywords: Bash, Python.
  • L1 Biology
    • [HAV111B] Experimental Sciences APP-Biology  – Head: Ahmed-Adam Ali, Patricia Cucchi, Céline Devaux and Stephan Gasca. Keywords: Ecology, Informatics, Statistics.
    • [HAV118T] Experimental Sciences – Head : Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier and Ilham Bentaleb. Keywords: Ecology, Informatics, Statistics.

« BioinfoTE : Détection et analyse d’élements transposables dans les génomes eucaryotes »
28th september – 2nd october 2020 @ Frégus, France

  1. Define and explain good practices in bioinformatics analysis of TEs
  2. TE annotation in assembled and unassembled genomes
  3. Identification of the polymorphism of insertions between individuals/populations and a reference genome.
  4. Transcriptomic and epigenetic analyses of genes and TEs
  5. Evolutionary analyses of TEs

Introduction to transposable element detection using sequencing data
June 2021 @ virtuel

Master of Bioinformatics in Latin America (BIO_ANDES)
Head  – Romain Guyot

The goal of PSF-Sud BIO_ANDES is to build local capacities in Bioinformatics in Colombia and Ecuador, through support for setting up a master’s degree in bioinformatics in Quito.

The project has three components :

  • Academic and pedagogical advice in the content construction of the PUCE master’s class: the implementation of a model of e learning for bioinformatics.
  • Trainings in bioinformatics topics : the development of bioinformatics courses (summer course, workshops).
  • Mentoring of thesis projects.