Since 2015, I head of the Master of Sciences and Digital Technology for healthcare Specialty Bioinformatics, Knowledge, Data (Master Sciences et Numérique pour la Santé (SNS), Parcours Bioinformatique, Connaissance et Données (BCD),

  • M2 Bioinformatics / Statistics
    • [HMSN305] Omics – Head: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier. Keywords: Sequencing (NGS), Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, MetaGenomics.
  • M2 Medical Biology
    • [HMBS307] (TC3) Bioinformatics and System Biology – Heads: Ovidiu Radulescu, Alain Chavanieu and Stefano Trapani. Keywords: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Transciptomics, Proteomics, Statistics, Medical diagnostics.
  • M1 Computer sciences
    • [HMIN114] Algorithms and Programming – Heads: Anne-Muriel Chifolleau and Alban Mancheron. Keywords: Unix, Emacs.
    • [HMIN113M] System – Heads: Pierre Pompidor. Keywords: Bash, Python, Web.
  • L3 Biology
    • [HLBE605] Evolutionary Biology – Head: Benoit Nabholz. Keywords: Genetics, molecular biology, genome evolution, selection, transposable elements, sequencing technologies.
  • L2 Biology / Computer sciences
    • [HLIN404] Bioinformatics for biologists – Head: Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier. Keywords: System, Sequence analysis, Database, Python, BioPython, Phylogeny.
  • L1 Computer sciences / PolyTech
    • [HLIN101] Algorithms, Programming and System Head: Philippe Janssen. Keywords: Unix, Emacs, C/C++.

Head of the Bioinformatics Learning Laboratory (BILL) with Anne-Sophie Gosselin-Grenet, Jean-Christophe Avarre and Mélanie Debias.

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« BioinfoTE : Détection et analyse d’élements transposables dans les génomes eucaryotes »
28th september – 2nd october 2020 @ Frégus, France

  1. Define and explain good practices in bioinformatics analysis of TEs
  2. TE annotation in assembled and unassembled genomes
  3. Identification of the polymorphism of insertions between individuals/populations and a reference genome.
  4. Transcriptomic and epigenetic analyses of genes and TEs
  5. Evolutionary analyses of TEs


Transposable element detection using the short and long-read sequencing data
May 2021 @ virtuel