Current members


Clothilde Chenal, PhD candidate.
«  Impact of genome-wide variations and TEs in mosquitoes using pangenomics approaches » Co-supervised with François Sabot (IRD), Frederic Simard (MIVEGEC) and Michael Fontaine (MIVEGEC).
Keywords: TE, NGS, structutal variant, annotation, pangenomics, adaptation.

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Yasmine Mansour, PhD candidate.
« Assessing the impact of TEs on the structure, evolution, and adaptation of mosquitoe genomes » Co-supervised with Annie Chateau (LIRMM – MAB).
Keywords: Recombination, TE annotation, evolution, NGS, genome assembly, graphs.

personne_anonymeMatthieu Fournel, undergraduate student, master BCD.
« Assembly of repeat-rich genomes from non-model organisms  » Co-supervised with Sébastien Puechmaille (ISEM) and Sèverine Berard (ISEM).
Keywords: sequencing  short (Illumina) and long-read (Minion), assembly, transposable elements.

personne_anonymeMourdas Mohamed, undergraduate student, master BCD.
« Monitoring of transposable element insertions over generations ». Co-supervised with Séverine Chambeyron (IGH).
Keywords: Transposable element, genomics, silencing.



Fanny Touchard, undergraduate student, Master2 B2E – Darwin.
« Impact of population history on species range: the case of the African four striped mouse (Rhabdomys sp.) ». Co-supervised with Guila Ganem (ISEM), Carine Brouat (CBGP) and Raphael Leblois (CBGP).
Keywords: bioinformatics, population genomics, evolutionary ecology.


Corentin Marco, undergraduate student. « Detection and annotation of TE variants in Anopheles pangenomes ».
Keywords: TE, NGS, structutal variant, annotation.


Former members

  • Jean-Loup Claret, Master2 B2E – Darwin.
  • Julien Denozi, undergraduate student, Master2 BCD/EMA.
  • Edouard Delanoé, undergraduate student, Master2 BCD/EMA.
  • Rémy Costa – Master Student, currently working as funginer.
  • Mickael Hamouma – Master Student, currently working as computer science.
  • Laura Helou – Master Student, currently PhD candidate.
  • Bridlin Barckmann, Post-doc, currently Post-doc at IGH.
  • Pascal Milesi*, EVAS-ISEM PhD candidate – defense in 2016, currently Post-doc at Uppsala University (Jon lab), Sweden, since 2017.
  • Benoit Assosgba*, EVAS-ISEM PhD candidate – defense in 2016, currently Post-doc at Abomey-Calavi University, Gambia, since 2017.
  • Quentin Testard, Master Student, currently PhD candidate (CIFRE).
  • Timothée Virgoulay, Undergraduate Student, currently PhD candidate.
  • Nicolas Pompidor, Undergraduate Student, currently PhD candidate.
  • Rajiv McCoy, Stanford PhD Student – currently Assistant Professor @ The Johns Hopkins University.
  • Emilie Dumas*, EVAS-ISEM PhD student – defense in 2013, currently Post-doc at ESE, Gif-sur-Yvette, France since 2015.
  • Dave Tushar, Undergraduate Student.
  • Mauricio Barentos, Undergraduate Student.
    currently PhD candidate at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.
  • Lokitha Vippala, Undergraduate Student.
  • Maité Barrón, Barbadilla lab PhD student- visiting Petrov Lab – defense in  2015, currently Post-doc at  CSIC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, González lab.
  • Matthew Carrigan, Undergraduate Student, currently Post-doc at Trinity college.

(*) Bioinformatic introduction training only.